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Earth Day!

While we shouldn’t wait on one particular day to come to suddenly become aware of our planet’s plight, it is helpful in spreading awareness of what really is going on. We have the ultimate privilege of occupying a tiny physical space on this beautiful (nearly) sphere. We each breathe the oxygen provided by the world’s eco-system. So like it or not, we all take something from the earth. Logic will tell us that if we take from a system, for it to continue running smoothly, we need to contribute to its well-being. No, we do not need to return the oxygen we’ve inhaled over the years. Any small action will help. Don’t stop bathing, just use less water. Find out where your products originate from. Are they ethically sourced? Must you really buy another, or can you reuse what you already have? As a consumer, you have the greatest power. Use it wisely.

As usual, click the image to view full screen. Together, water and greenery are almost wholly responsible for life as we know it. Let’s try to restore the balance, not only today, but always.


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