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Once upon a time, flocks of birds used to darken the skies, their endless chatter carrying for miles on the steady tropical breeze. Animals were everywhere, coexisting with the local tribes. People took what they needed, not what they wanted. Fast forward several hundred years, and sights like these are genuinely rare. Most Trinidadians will live their entire lives without ever once laying eyes upon the critically endangered endemic Trinidad Piping Guan (locally known as Pawi). It’s unfortunate, shameful, but true.

I hope you enjoy these brief, faraway glimpses as much as I did. Not always the birds present themselves for the camera. Scanning a tree for activity, the eye falls upon a distant object. The tiny viewing window epitomises the Pawi’s daily struggle for survival. The second image in this post makes me feel like some sort of voyeur, spying on an intimate moment in the lives of this pair of Channel-billed Toucans. Even with one of the the largest bill length to body size ratios, these gorgeous birds tenderly share a nibble with each other during their courtship ritual.

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Trinidad Piping Guan










Channel-billed Toucans

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