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Blue, Green and Everything in Between

From where I sit, it’s the best part of the spectrum. Blues and greens are naturally calming colours, which is one of the reasons why nature is visually therapeutic. Apart from the ocean, the sky and the trees, there are a number of species of birds that sport these colours. Generally tricky to render correctly on “film”, these birds can look completely different under different lighting conditions. Birds’ colours are a result of the interaction between incident light and the molecular structure of their feathers – what we see is the light that’s reflected and refracted from the plumage itself. Which is why some birds can look green in the sun and blue in the shade. Which is why it’s imperative that any bird photographer must learn the nature of their subjects such that they would be correctly represented. After all, we want the Green Honeycreeper to look green.








And we want the Purple Honeycreeper to look purple. Well, the males at least. Females (as in the foreground here) are indeed green. The royal purple male is in the background with those striking yellow legs.








Casting a balance between blue and green is the beautiful and frequently seen White-necked Jacobin, also called Great Jacobin for its personality rather than its size 🙂








Turquoise Tanagers creep along in small flocks, chattering as they move from tree to tree in search of fruit. These jewels can actually be found throughout Trinidad, in both high and low elevation forests.







Conversely, Swallow Tanagers (male pictured here) are only fleeting visitors to high elevation forests. They actually migrate to Trinidad to breed in hollowed out mud banks on the mountainside.


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