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Shoot’n in the Rain and the Cutest (wetland) Couple, Ever.

Nice days are nice days, to put a constraint on what constitutes a “nice day” is akin to conditional love. There are countless quips and proverbs about making the most out of any situation, but the reality is just that today is the only day we have. It matters not what we did yesterday, nor what we have planned for tomorrow. If today brings you sunshine, then bask in it. If it brings rain, bask in it all the same. Of course, metaphorically speaking – I don’t plan to take responsibility for anyone’s chest cold.

For me, it tends to get a little literal, though. When it’s sunny, I get burnt. When it’s rainy, I get wet. But I must say, I absolutely love shooting in the rain. Falling water adds that magical element that fills the frame with activity, making for far more interesting images. Of course, when the element of rain is used in conjunction with other elements, it gets even better, such as a good strong backlight on this Tropical Kingbird: (All images clickable)











Add some vibrant flowers to the mix and it definitely ups the ante with a skittish Green Kingfisher:











Gentle rain on a soft background of distant trees provided the ideal atmosphere to emphasize the softness of the tiny Least Grebe here:







And when it begins to pour, rain needs no assistance whatsoever! This Large-billed Tern didn’t miss a beat and kept on hunting for small fish, I was having trouble keeping up (as I failed at maintaining my dry state).








Another visual element of rain is that it seems to cleanse the atmosphere, making for some very interesting vistas. Once the sun gets a chance to peek out after a day of heavy rain, you are almost guaranteed a smasher of a sunset. On one particular evening while we were enjoying the setting sun over a tributary of the Godineau River, I turned to the east – and there were some incoming cumulonimbus clouds that were being lit on fire by the dipping sun. Nothing I did could replicate how absolutely grand the sky was. I figured that the best way of capturing the colour in the sky was to eliminate it altogether from my frame. Orange, red and purple were everywhere! I was hoping upon hope that the spectacled caiman in the river would come out from under the water hyacinth and into the open, but alas, can’t have it all right?











Around most waterways of Trinidad lives a relatively common flycatcher that has captured my heart. White-headed Marsh Tyrants are diminutive, charismatic birds that are almost always found in pairs. Only the males have the diagnostic white head, however. Females are more plainly coloured, but no less attractive than their mates. Look out for this 12cm bird next time you’re in their town, usually perched atop reeds in full view, eyes always open for their next insect meal.



















This post marks the end of the first phase of my backlog of images. From here on, all images are going to be fresh, unpublished and never-seen-before. Unless otherwise stated, of course. Looking forward to sharing them with you 🙂

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