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Manakin Challenge

So I’ve been noticing that the internet has been ablaze with this ridiculous challenge about Manakins. Obviously, I must follow, because I’m always on the lookout for new viral trends. So here’s my attempt at this famous “Manakin Challenge” with the invaluable assistance of some of my feathered bros.

White-bearded Manakin:








Golden-headed Manakin:








Blue-backed Manakin:








Now in the context of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago are the only two islands to be home to these dancers of the forest. Just another example of the complete uniqueness of our biodiversity, and the need to protect it. Whether it’s the snapping of the wings of the White-bearded Manakin as it rockets from perch to perch, the slick, shimmying moves of the Golden-headed Manakin, or the otherworldly group ritual of the Blue-backed Manakin – all males try desperately to secure the attention of watching females. And they are truly a pleasure to watch.

Get out there. The show is on. The performers are ready. This trend is irreplaceable.

8 thoughts on “Manakin Challenge

  1. Devan Mulchansingh says:

    I think you won the manakin challenge.
    “A day-to-day new opening
    For the greatest show on Earth” – Nightwish

    Every day there is a new show that nature is waiting to put on!

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