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Aliens…It Must’ve Been Aliens

Mudflats are interesting places, superficially a single featureless creature – but the closer one gets, and the more attention one pays to the being that once made up the entire west coast of Trinidad – the more it seems like another world altogether. At high tide, it’s completely covered by the lapping waves. At low tide, soft exposed mud is attended to by a number of birds, invertebrates and a specially adapted fish called the anableps. Sitting quietly at the edge of the soft mud allows one some intimate time with the inhabitants of this special eco-system. Fiddler Crabs are most present, but they only reveal themselves when there is no sign of a threat. I remained still for long enough, and gradually the crabs emerged from the mud. Males climbed to their highest accessible points – clumps of mud – and seemed to be starting a revolution, gesticulating fervently with their oversized claw. With the unreal lighting situation going on, the entire scene seemed to be taking place on another planet.








The rule of bigger is better certainly applies to the fiddlers of the mudflats – the bigger the claw, the more attention received. I must admit that I fell victim to this phenomenon, as I too was drawn to the crab waving the biggest weapon. Sigh. Times like these make me question my life, hahaha.







Eventually I left the crab kingdom to its own devices, getting distracted by an incoming Scarlet Ibis. My first camera had a preset called “Selective Colour”. Although my present camera body doesn’t have that preset, I do have the natural equivalent 🙂


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