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Two-toucan and Corbeau-man

There are copious quips about what makes a good time, far too many to name here definitely. But a sojourn into the cool forest that cuts the heat of the day with some good friends, good humour and most importantly full bellies fits the bill I’d say. All was well until I heard the faint yet unmistakable call of our only toucan species. Channel-billed Toucans may not enjoy the Hollywood fame of its cousins such as Keel-billed Toucan – but it is by no means lacking in terms of its inherent toucan-ness. There are simply no other birds in the world that can quite come close to these enigmatic creatures. Oversized bills, brilliant colours and bold personalities, they are the embodiment of all things tropical.











And what’s better than a toucan in the wild? Two toucans, naturally! These two constantly called, hopped along the bare branches of this tree and curiously eyed us for probably around twenty minutes before finally flying off.











Eventually, we made it to the southern coastline – good ol’ Columbus Bay – picturesque as usual, and even though it was supposedly a “rest spot”, there really is no rest for the wicked. Sitting down for a few minutes, my eyes kept darting around with every little movement (such as the Rainbow Whiptail from my last post) and I eventually roused and ambled around the beach. Armed with my wide lens, I had a shot in mind. There were three Black Vultures trolling the beach, looking for any available morsel. Slowly, I approached. I realized that the slower I walked, the less afraid the birds were of me. Also the slower I walked, the more I was being roasted by sandflies. Unfortunately for me, my trademark blue jacket was soaked from a previous “experiment” gone awry. So my skin was available (and quite welcoming apparently) for the bloodsuckers.

With some pleading from my end, one of the birds seemed to accept me somewhat, and I had to constantly reassure it that I was indeed Corbeau-man, live and in the flesh. Trust me, I did have a shower that morning, so smelling like carrion was not any reason for my acceptance. Pics or it didn’t happen right? All gratitude to the talented mitsullaneous for the use of his image here for the sake of my long-winded story.








At the end of it all, I didn’t get the shot I initially had hoped for, but I didn’t fall that far short either. Instead of the three sisters as supporting elements in my composition, I managed to get my friend’s two buddies (probably wondering what in the world) to fill the void. I hope you enjoy this different style as much as I do. Please remember to view this image fullscreen!


4 thoughts on “Two-toucan and Corbeau-man

  1. Toucans are the embodiment of parrot egg predators.

    Love the last vulture picture! I wish they had found food so we could have really seen them getting down and dirty.

    1. Thanks Aliya 🙂
      One day I’ll find them at a carcass and get that down and dirty picture, no worries. Toucans also eat baby birds now and then. Everyone must eat!

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