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Absolutely Abstract

Not meaning to be elitist here, but probably I’m going to come across as that anyway – if one truly appreciates nature, it doesn’t matter which aspect of Mother Nature, which face, all is beautiful. Whether it’s birds, bats, trees or the sky itself, there is beauty everywhere. We’re all born with a sense of wonder about the natural world, but somewhere along the way in becoming adults, we tend to lose this sense. We tend to get lost. Why is this? Why would a child be interested in a crab that’s crossing a road, but an adult will drive over it in a heartbeat?

The major change that takes place in the minds of children growing up is the influx of information. The nature of this information is what shapes their minds and hearts for the rest of their lives. Historically, this information consisted of survival, how to get by, how to live with all the other inhabitants on the earth. Eventually, other subjects began to creep in. Mathematics, Literature, Science, Economics and the like. Gradually, we were taught to neglect our roots and give our lives to these esoteric concepts and principles, forgetting what enabled us to survive as a species for thousands of years in the process.

We were taught to understand the principles of “education” and what it means to be “educated” by this new system, designed to produce spare parts for the machine that powers the supposed civilized world. We were taught how to view our fellow man as “backward”, “uneducated” and “uncivilized” if they did not subscribe to these new thought processes.

If there is any glimmer of hope though, finally we are beginning to realize that Science is really supposed to be an understanding of how things are, and it is a tool that should be used for the betterment of our world – evident in innovations within the clean energy sector. Finally we are beginning to understand the vital role biodiversity plays within the framework of global Economics. And perhaps more people are noticing that the education we are receiving actually has nothing to do with actually living.

Anyway, back to the beauty of it all. Lots of folks enjoy having palm plants at their homes for aesthetic purposes, and while I generally prefer functional flora, the textures of a palm are truly unique.








The forest can be a spooky place, full of all sorts of unfamiliar noises, smells and sights. The darker the forest gets, the more opportunity there is to paint a picture of what the mind may perceive in a certain state. Especially using a camera. I love creating abstract images that leave the path wide open for interpretation. For me, a good image must never be able to be fully grasped at the first glance. This image speaks to me in languages of lost thoughts and gross misinterpretations, I call it “Blackwater Park” after one of my favourite musical releases of all time.








Speaking of being spooky, it was only after I put these images on the computer I realized that there was something standing in the trail…what is it?








As darkness opens the door to a fluid world, light itself seems to be afraid to linger too long for fear of creating too much a permanent impression. The play of light on darkness is another feature I tend to enjoy.











Throw in some recognizable forest elements, and one can only wonder if this is the final viewpoint of a recently envenomated creature.











The rapidly darkening sky allowed me to do some pseudo-double-exposures, Venus lent her presence to give away the secret here!








I was actually amazed at how sharp both frames were in this particular image, especially with the shutter open for 1.3 seconds. Please view these images large, the more you look, the more you will see.







Do let me know which (if any) of these images spoke to you, did it stir your mind, and if so – where did it finally come to rest. Also let me know if these images did absolutely nothing for you!

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Abstract

  1. Why don’t you think palms are functional?

    The palm photo belongs in 1981 on the cover of Michael Anthony’s All that Glitters.

    The ghost- creature photo looks like a painting of a trail on a rainy day. Definitely a place where I would be cold but my thoughts would be quiet.

    1. Local palms are quite functional. Importing purely decorative palms is not my preference, I probably should’ve been more specific. Lovely description there also 🙂

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