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The Little Heron That Posed

I’ve been putting off writing for a little more than a week now because I’ve been conceptualizing a long-winded, overly verbose attack on the Prime Minister of T&T, but each time I sat behind my pc, I just couldn’t gather the energy required to formulate such a bullet. Sometimes it feels like beating on a brick wall, some folks are just determined to have their way. All the more relevant when these folks are in a position of power. But more on that later. For now, let’s just say that Dr. Rowley seems to be jealous of a few hairy crabs in Buccoo.

Veering away from the political train, I’m sharing a few images I made of a rather young and trusting Yellow-crowned Night Heron. Another product of the breeding grounds that will soon be Sandals Tobago, it seems. Oh yeah, I was trying to steer away from that topic.

Young birds generally make willing subjects, as they have not yet associated humans with destruction. They still have faith in their camouflage, although they do not always apply it in the correct manner. Although this particular bird probably thought its colouration similar to the dead branches it was standing on.

juv ycnh-5







I made another image, a bit closer this time, with the bird framed tightly between the twisted limbs. I contemplated converting this as a monochrome image, but felt that the slight dab of colour in the bird’s eye added a nice touch.

juv ycnh-6







Another juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron stood on a log over one of the canals heading to the sea, and even though they were everywhere, I couldn’t stop myself from shooting off a few frames.

juv ycnh-4










As I drew closer, it began to make its way slowly down the log, and I relished the opportunity with a different background, different orientation – of course as I was now too close to keep the camera horizontal. How do I know this is a Yellow-crowned Night Heron and not the very similar juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron? The Yellow-crowned has a distinctly rounder head, and also its bill is mostly black. Interestingly enough, the bill of the juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron is mostly yellow 🙂

juv ycnh-2










Which of these images is your favourite? Least favourite? Do let me know.

4 thoughts on “The Little Heron That Posed

  1. Devan Mulchansingh says:

    I like the first image, the wider shot among the dead branches. Something about the mood it creates. The monochrome was a nice touch. Good stuff.

    1. Definitely full of mood, those two. You know neither of them is monochrome – that’s all natural colour. Many people don’t shoot on overcast days, but I love ’em.

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