A couple days ago I posted about an Aplomado Falcon I photographed from a mile away after the sun set. It didn’t occur to me that it was strange for me to immediately identify the bird as a very rare migrant, especially in those conditions. Well, I never had a shadow of a doubt about it, I knew what I saw, and I communicated this excitedly to the rest of the small group I was with.

So now this morning I’m spamming comments and something tells me to check that picture again. I open it on the blog, and something looks odd about it. It suddenly did not seem in any way like an Aplomado Falcon. They are medium sized, slender, long-tailed raptors. This bird I was looking at in this picture that I’ve had for a couple weeks now was large, hulking almost. I open it on my pc here, and zoom to 500%. It’s a Peregrine. Hahahaha.

I’m truly sorry about my oversight, but hey, at least I get to post this image again. It’s another one of my top picks of 2016.

aplomado falcon