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A Dream Come True… Well, Sort of

A few years ago, I had an odd dream. I was at the edge of some body of water, probably a lake somewhere, and I was looking at a Lesser Scaup coast past on the water. I grabbed my camera (in the dream of course), and lined up this beautiful duck in my viewfinder, and pressed the shutter button. Naturally, dreams being how they are, no picture was taken. Which had me cursing and grinding my teeth, only to wake up and laugh at myself. Yeah, I dream birds sometimes – most times I’m trying to photograph them and failing in some creative way.

Anyway, the morning after the CBC we headed to Tobago for some much needed R&R. But no rest for the wicked – apart from the dead battery in the rental (to be followed a few days later by a dead battery in my own vehicle upon our return to Trinidad) – we made our usual bee-line to the sewerage ponds where we happened to meet Matt, a very knowledgeable birder who pointed out a lone male Lesser Scaup fiddling around in one of the ponds. I wasted no time in making some images, lest my dream decide to haunt me.

lesser scaup







No sooner had we taken some photographs of this rare migrant, yet another rarity popped up – a Grey Heron. These large birds are the Old World counterpart of the Great Blue Heron of the Americas, and are very similar in size and structure. Recently, more and more Grey Herons have been appearing in both Trinidad and Tobago, whether or not they decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean or were blown here by rogue winds, we’ll never know for sure. But always nice to get a photo of a rarity.

grey heron






And what was even rarer than that? A frame withΒ both!

lesser scaup and grey heron










We decided to take a little walk and check out some of the other ponds, perhaps scope out some Pied-billed Grebe, Sora or any other surprise. Once we had reached far enough, the rains came. By “far enough” I mean just far enough to be unable to make it back to the car without getting soaked πŸ™‚

Either way, I took advantage of the weather and a mildly grumpy looking Green Heron.

green heron-2






Still listed as rare, Glossy Ibis have turned out to be more or less regular here at the right time of year.

glossy ibis-2







Eventually, we decided to go poke around elsewhere, on the way into the mangrove we spotted this adult Yellow-crowned Night Heron. Well, perhaps he spotted us first.

yellow crowned night heron







No Mangrove Cuckoo this time, but lots of Brown-crested Flycatchers.

brown crested flycatcher

9 thoughts on “A Dream Come True… Well, Sort of

  1. Bird dreams are the best. I’m always in a tree feeding the macaws fruits. Let me tell you it is hard being a mama bird. LOL.

    Anyway I googled the Glossy Ibis and saw a close-up picture of its non-breeding plumage. Wows!

    Gotta tag the Grey Herons to find out if they are “consciously” gracing us with their presence πŸ˜‰

  2. Jerome Foster says:

    Nice man Faraaz – Bon Accord is one of my goals when I eventually reach back to Tobago – seems like so much happens there!

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