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Seeing Yellow

Avian nomenclature is a funny thing, it is. It may not be a really great thing at times, but I can assure you, it’s always providing a chuckle here and there. Neglecting┬áthe tired jokes about tits and boobies, oftentimes the names of birds can leave the viewer with a few questions. Colour is a key ingredient in many birds’ names, and usually it seems spot-on. Well, sometimes. Yellow-bellied Elaenias are common throughout T&T, and very rarely show any hint of yellow. Trust me, it’s there, somewhere.

yellow bellied elaenia






I think the craziest colour-themed name for a bird is the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, which sounds more like an insult than an actual cog in the wheel of science. Unfortunately for many of us avian enthusiasts who enjoy poking fun at serious matters, lots of bird names seem rather unimaginative. For example, the following bird belongs to the family of new world warblers, and it is yellow. Let’s think about this for a minute. Ok, got it – Yellow Warbler.

yellow warbler






Or possibly this bird that belongs to the family of orioles – also predominantly yellow. But there’s black on this bird in certain strategic locations – perhaps we can think about some form of black bib that fits? Naw, Yellow Oriole.

yellow oriole










Point of interest: The three images in today’s excessively short blog post were all made within eight minutes. I wish I had a Yellow-headed Caracara and a Yellow-olive Flycatcher to add to the mix, but alas, it’s not how the cards fell.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Yellow

  1. Yellow birds always make me hungry- don’t they remind you of ripe mangoes?!

    The Yellow Oriole looks mean…I think she went a tad bit overboard with the smokey eyes. LOL.

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