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First Light

Recently I’ve had a Pied Water Tyrant pose for me daintily in the rain, waving a delicate silken flag in the gentle breeze. Well, I thought that my luck couldn’t improve any more with this bird. But mornings are magical. As the sun gradually warms the air, all the diurnal creatures decide to stretch, yawn and prepare for another day alive. It’s always a pleasure to be able to share this moment with our fellow inhabitants of this planet – to be a witness to their lives is a blessing in itself.

It’s what I try to do with my photography; providing as many people as possible with the opportunity to see these creatures as I do, to appreciate their beauty and their struggle for survival in this fragile existence that we can preserve or destroy at will. Anyway, I started talking about a Pied Water Tyrant, so here it is, the morning’s first stretch at the hint of the first light. If you look closely, you can almost see the sunrise in its eye.

pied water tyrant-5







As living beings, we know that once awoken, we stretch and then – breakfast. It was a wonderfully clear morning, and this Yellow Oriole wasted no time tucking into its first meal of the day on the swamp immortelle, tossing a flower to the wind in the process. We observed attendant hummingbirds angrily chasing the larger birds from this tree – initially we were confused as they would be feeding on two different foods, but I do believe that the hummers knew that these bigger birds would waste no time in throwing away good flowers with nectar still to be had within them.

yellow oriole-2










Slightly less conspicuous than the Yellow Oriole, a Greyish Saltator froze among this tangle of branches – looking rather guilty if you ask me! Looks like someone who just raided the cookie jar. We can still see your messy beak!

greyish saltator

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