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Choose Your Background Wisely

It’s also called perspective I believe. Something rather philosophical can be included in this post. But, take it how you will. I made all of these images in a suburban area, with lots of buildings around. It’s a good exercise to put oneself in a not-so-ideal situation, and see what can come out of it. The sky is perhaps the best (and easiest) option.

cattle egrets-2







Even houses may not be such an eyesore for a natural looking image, you’d just want to avoid any straight edges that are tell-tale human creations. I converted this in black and white not because of the colour of the wall, but to emphasize the rich textures in the Smooth-billed Ani’s dark feathers. Black is such a multi-dimensional colour in nature. I just can’t get enough of it.

smooth billed ani-3










Another bird that we usually think of as black (and yellow) is the Crested Oropendola. In the right light, at a close enough distance, the multitude of shades of russet are jaw-dropping. Add those eyes that look like they’ve come from a tropical ocean and you’ve got quite the combination.

crested oropendola







And I can’t mention black without the quintessential black bird – the Black Vulture.

black vulture-4

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