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I Never Thought I’d Say This, But…

Could the words “green” and “pommerac” go together, within a single sentence, and have a positive meaning? Before I get into that, I just googled “pommerac” and found out that that word stems from pomme Malac, which is French for “Malayan apple” – as it is actually native to Malaysia. I always thought it was native to T&T, as our avifauna seems to never be able to get enough of it. I guess they eventually learn to adapt and recognize that which is edible (and tasty), just as they have also done with the Mango.

Anyway, a fruiting pommerac tree I observed some time ago seemed to have a resident couple of Green Honeycreepers. The female energetically defended a few branches she seemed to stake a claim on – after all, her enemies were the much smaller Bananaquit and Purple Honeycreeper.

green honeycreeper-5










There was only one bird she’d let feed on her patch of pommerac, though. The beautiful male of the species. With his turquoise-aqua plumage, he’s a tough one to miss in the forest.

green honeycreeper-4







Since I’ve been going well along the theme of colours, another welcome shade of green is courtesy the Bay-headed Tanager, looking rather guilty next to the evidence here. Always fascinating to observe the innumerable shades of literally every single colour possible.

bay headed tanager

3 thoughts on “I Never Thought I’d Say This, But…

  1. Aliya Hosein says:

    So was she guarding her food because she is naturally territorial or has the breeding season started for honeycreepers? Did you get any pictures of her chasing away the BQs? Bird behaviour so entertaining 🙂

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