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Quality Time With Her

There’s time, and there’s quality time. Time, on its own, flows like a river, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But regardless, it goes by, never to return. Quality time, on the other hand, is like a lake that is filled with deep, still water. It speaks to your soul, and leaves you with some lasting memories. It builds all parties involved. Quality time is guaranteed to enrich and uplift, whether you’re spending it with another human, your own self (very important), a vista, or an animal. Or like I did here – spending quality time with one of the smallest birds in the world.

Everyone knows our Tufted Coquette – its extravagant plumes are reminiscent of carnival costumes and the like – but all attention is usually directed to the male of the species. His mate is by no means less beautiful. Perhaps even moreso; her beauty is soft, delicate and reflected in her countenance. She can be shy, coy and playful – the first image I made of her was just that. She’s tiny, but not tiny enough to hide properly here!

tufted coquette f







Patience is always key, and soon enough, she was confident enough to pose to give me the image I wanted – the “safe” image if you will. Gently lit against a clean background of the distant Northern Range. Mmm.

tufted coquette f-2







Once that was under my belt, I started looking for other opportunities. When she perched on this particular vine, I took a few steps back and to my right – just to get the entire curvature in the frame. If you’ve ever seen this plant – vervine – you’d really have an idea of how small she is!

tufted coquette f-4






Hours later, we returned to the same patch of vervine, and there she was still. This is her life, this is her existence.

tufted coquette f-5

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