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Patience Brings Rewards…Sometimes

We’ve all heard the various tired quips about having patience. Especially when we’re talking about photographing or viewing wildlife – after all, wild creatures aren’t confined to a schedule as us humans are. When I observed this Yellow-crowned Night Heron standing stock still on the mudflat, I knew this could only mean one thing: food.

yellow crowned night heron-3







I crept into position, and waited. Nothing changed. Then slowly, almost imperceptibly – it leaned forward. Excited, I clicked the shutter a couple times.

yellow crowned night heron-4






Over the next few minutes, it slowly leaned further and further forward, until its face was almost inside the mini crevasse in the mud. I licked my own lips in anticipation of the shot.

yellow crowned night heron-5






I had been waiting for some time, but nothing compared to the length of time this heron had stood there. Finally, the time was right. In the blink of an eye, the predator struck. And immediately ran off with its prey, away from my prying eyes. Perhaps it’s a messy, self-conscious eater?

yellow crowned night heron-6







I had a chuckle, and moved on.

5 thoughts on “Patience Brings Rewards…Sometimes

  1. Aliya Hosein says:

    Probably didn’t want to share its meal with you. It’s a really nice bird to look at feeding or not.

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