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River, Rain and Sea

Water comes in many forms – here in the tropics snow and ice may not feature, but we do have a few manifestations of this deity to understand and appreciate. They are all completely different, yet they all contain water. Some folks’ special sanctuary may be a quiet river, others prefer the sound of raindrops on the roof while tucked away in bed. And some of us are one with the undeniable power of the ocean. Which is yours?

All snakes can swim, but smaller snakes can easily be swept away in a fast current if they’re not careful with choosing their route. Even fallen leaves like this dead bois canot leaf can be a lifesaver – cold, fast moving water saps the energy from a cold-blooded creature at a great rate. Remember to click the image to view it large (and to find the boa)!

juv rainbow boa-3










Regular readers would know how much I enjoy photographing birds in the rain. The soft light, wet feathers and droplets of rain all add ambiance to what would just be a bird sitting somewhere. Of course, no-one’s complaining when your subject is as beautiful as this Trinidad Motmot.

trinidad motmot-6










I’m probably the only one who enjoys rain this much – the birds seem to get tired of it after a while. It does, however, lend to some interesting perspectives.

trinidad motmot-5










It’s been many moons since I’ve photographed a sunset; seeing so many beautiful images of dusk and dawn from some of my fellow photographers has actually allowed me to have the best of both worlds – I can sit back, enjoy the sunset, and still be able to re-live the experience after through their amazing work. Hahaha!

Either way, I still fire away sometimes if something catches my eye. I just loved the subtle colour of the fading light here – only visible as the waves rolled in for a brief moment.


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