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Breaking the Monotony

So many birds, so little time! Occasionally on my forays for avian subject matter I tend to encounter other creatures from all walks of life, each with their own personality and character. I don’t usually take my eyes off of the branches, but my ears are always out for any non-ambient sound, like the rustling of leaves. Which, in this case, was just an ameiva – a garden lizard, zandolie, whichever lets you sleep at night. I enjoyed his almost canine stance.








While chasing a Grey Kingbird in Tobago, I found myself staring directly at a Brown Tree Lizard/Richard’s Anole – Anolis richardii – in typical head-down fashion on a tree trunk, its long tail hanging in the wind. As soon as our eyes met, it scampered to the other side of the trunk, onto a branch. Never took its eye off of me though.

anolis richardii







Nearby, watching from a safe distance, was another anole, probably a female Richard’s Anole? I’m not too certain, so anyone who can confirm/deny, please do!








Sometimes the distractions just, well, are right in front of you. And choose to engage. Land Crabs (or Manicou Crabs) can be found pretty easily on rainy days on mountain roads. Approaching this fella, things got a little heated and it lunged at me a number of times. After a brief tango, I left with this shot and all my fingers intact, fortunately. It only managed to grab my lens hood.

land crab





Sometimes animals are a little more cuddly than an angry, swashbuckling crab – this Red-tailed Squirrel seems to embrace its branch. I love their big, doting eyes. Which reminds me of an instance a couple weeks ago, where I looked up after hearing an unfamiliar sound. It was another squirrel, calling at the top of its lungs while in the talons of a Zone-tailed Hawk.

red squirrel







The best and most ideal situation is when you have a cooperative subject. Releasing this Rainbow Boa into the wild afforded me with just such an opportunity. I got to make some images I had on my mind’s shelf for many years. Snake in river habitat, check.

juv rainbow boa










Snake on lush, mossy rock, check.

juv rainbow boa-2

3 thoughts on “Breaking the Monotony

  1. Aliya Hosein says:

    I see garden lizards scurrying away from my cat all the time but this is the first time I’m actually SEEING a garden lizard.

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