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It seems as if it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. Things have been more than a bit hectic over the past week or so, and as such I have been somewhat absent from the internet recently. Nowhere near my last hiatus which lasted for about two years, but still too long to be away for!

Sharing some more Tobagonian images here – it’s difficult to not shoot when I’m across there. Tame birdlife just presents endless opportunities.

In Trinidad you’d be a lucky bastard to even hear a Trinidad Motmot call, in Tobago they’re literally begging you to click the shutter. I maintain, they should be renamed to Tobago Motmot!

trinidad motmot-7










Another bird that’s present on both island with a vast disparity in frequency of sighting is the Rufous-tailed Jacamar. I always enjoy photographing this species, for its metallic sheen and piercing gaze.

rufous tailed jacamar-10










As with the Trinidad Motmot, the Jacamars on Tobago willingly sit for photos. I was working with this particular bird for some time, when it suddenly yawned. For once, I was prepared.

rufous tailed jacamar-11










Although Tobago doesn’t have as many hummingbird species as its larger sister, one can still find all six species with relative ease. Any establishment with hummingbird feeders is guaranteed to land some excellent views – and there are many of these popping up now. White-necked Jacobins are a symbol of Tobago, these charismatic hummingbirds can regularly be seen flashing their full white tails at any similarly sized passer-by. Their plumages vary considerably across age and sex; by far my favourite iteration is that of the juvenile male.

white necked jacobin-3







If it’s one bird that you definitely need to visit Tobago for, it’s the White-tailed Sabrewing. I posted an image of an adult male here, the female is just as beautiful. Can’t visit Tobago and not photograph this iconic species.

white tailed sabrewing-13

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  1. It seems as if it’s been forever since I’ve read your blog post. Things have been more than a bit hectic… 🙂 Great stuff as per usual, Faraaz.

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