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Return of the Rains

It’s (supposedly) that time, as we near the halfway point in the year, when the skies bless us with that life-giving gift that is water. For me, that means tons of images of one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. Birds in the rain.

I love the rain as it adds that magical element to an otherwise static frame.

pied water tyrant-6







When everything is wet, colours seem to pop more. Blacks are blacker.

yellow hooded blackbird










But not too wet, though! This Yellow-headed Caracara seems to be a little peeved about the weather.

yellow headed caracara-4







I was photographing this unnaturally-tame Ringed Kingfisher when a heavy shower of rain rolled in. Exactly what I needed. And this is not sarcasm!

ringed kingfisher-2

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