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Sharing a couple images of two terrorizers of small creatures everywhere. Not saying that arachnophobia or herpetophobia isn’t real though. These creatures are often misunderstood, and are usually met with a swift swipe of the broom. Lots of misinformation surrounding these two as well.

The Pink-toed Tarantula is slightly smaller than a species I photographed some months back (see here), but its temperament is very similar. Cute and docile, they rarely (if ever) sink their half-inch long fangs into human flesh – they’d much rather beat a hasty retreat. This particular individual was one of two house guests we had – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph it as we released it into a suitable habitat.

pink toed tarantula






House Geckos are associated with all sorts of legends from the 24-hour timestamp it puts on one’s life to the reptile itself being transformed into a djinn – too many tall tales for a creature that’s just out to help out with the mosquito situation. Most of you will be familiar with this pasty looking gecko – and it too has learned about the human environment – they tend to hang out close to artificial light sources to take advantage of the buffet.


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