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Underappreciated and Overlooked

Every time I’m out in the field, I see these birds and see them being ignored. Everyone likes the bold, the flashy and the extravagant. I’m also guilty of this, by the way. So many times I’ve just checked “House Wren” off on a list and moved on with my life. But the aural landscape will miss one of its main ingredients, should “Housey” go missing one day. Many of us would be familiar with its song, as it is a bird that has adapted wonderfully to human encroachment. In fact, I have a family right now in the terminal box for an air conditioning unit.

house wren










Somewhat less tolerant of human settlement is the Tropical Pewee. Always curious, this cute little fella is one of those birds that ignores prying eyes, and may actually fly towards the (quiet) observer.

tropical pewee










I remember reading about Swallows when I was a child – always thought they were specifically North American or European birds. It was only much later I realized that we have resident swallows. Not as brightly coloured as some of the migratory species, but Southern Rough-winged Swallows maintain that typical streamlined shape typical of these fast fliers.

southern rough winged swallow

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