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Fancy Pigeon

Back from a couple weeks away from the pc – returned to find 1,866 comments in need of moderation. 100% of which were spam. I’ve been on a loose photographic mission, with a couple life-changing experiences thrown in to the mix. I have been active on my recently revamped Instagram account, though – albeit with some older images from the archives.

Anyway, re-opening my account here with one of my favourite local pigeon species, and in my mind one of the most beautiful. The Pale-vented Pigeon is affectionately called Ramier (not sure about the spelling, or the correct pronunciation for that matter) by those familiar with it. Most often seen zooming across the sky, these avian bullets can rack up more miles in a day than some of us do in a year.

pale vented pigeon in flight






Even though they have traditionally been hunted, they seem to have not come out too badly, as they are still relatively common. What was uncommon for me though, was seeing a young Pale-vented Pigeon being fed. Hurrah for the next generation!

pale vented pigeon feeding young






Although I made a few images of that youngster on a decent perch, it was the resplendent adult I wished for. And before long, that wish was granted. Readers with half-decent memories will remember this particular tree from my last post 🙂

pale vented pigeon

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