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Moving Targets from a Moving Vehicle

One can be proud of whatever one desires, and as a photographer I can look back on some of my images and feel that certain sense of pride. Some images though, are more about the story than the final product. Some time ago, while enjoying the rare privilege of being a passenger – even moreso a backseat passenger; my roving eyes caught a medium-sized flock of Scarlet Ibis flying over the mangroves.

Well, I figured – why not give it a shot. It’s not like my hands and feet were occupied as they usually are.

Tons of fun to track these gorgeous birds as they cruised just over the treetops. Naturally, once I started shooting they veered off out of sight. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to see that there was one frame where the birds were in focus and no wingtips were sliced off. Chunk of luck with the OOF mangrove to balance the composition (and colour palate)

scarlet ibis

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