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The Difference a Cloud Makes

We all know them well, we used to look up at them and let our imagination run wild when we were children, we’ve drawn them, and I’m sure at some point in time we’ve all opened MS Paint and spraypainted some white fluffy “clouds” on a ridiculously cyan “sky” – after Solitaire became too much of a bore.

Windows 98 aside, for those of you who can remember such a thing – this probably means you’re knee deep into adulthood at the very least by now. Which, unfortunately for too many of us, means that we’ve become rather disconnected with our cotton-balls of the sky. Perhaps if someone reports a Pokemon in the sky we might just rekindle a little creativity that used to flow so easily when we were children. Ever realized how easily children find shapes in the clouds? While many adults wonder how in the world did that cloud become an elephant.

At face value, one may think that clouds mean much more to the landscape photographer than to the avian pursuer. But just as I did yesterday, I present two situations with the very same bird. The first image was made with the morning sun blazing hard in the crystal clear Caribbean sky. You can feel the warmth, almost.

rufous tailed jacamar-4







Just a few minutes after the first image was created, a cloud drifted in front of the sun, and I seized the opportunity. Not knowing that I’d eventually make a post like this – but I can’t resist photographing birds under a cloud. I love the coolness that followed.

rufous tailed jacamar-5







I thank this friendly Rufous-tailed Jacamar for sitting on this branch for long enough for me to play. Do you think the presence of the cloud made a significant difference? Positive or negative?

3 thoughts on “The Difference a Cloud Makes

  1. Yes I think the cloud made a difference. There was so much light in the first picture that it created a relatively dark pocket with the bird in it. That’s why the stadium lights at savannas and malls don’t really reduce theft. You’re only safe in the light! (wasn’t that a horror movie?)

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