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Birds That Don’t Have to Try Hard Ep I: Assorted

There is a family of birds that is appealing to everyone just by their plain existence. Well, maybe not everyone. I once heard a story of a woman who was deathly afraid of them. Can’t understand why.

They are the reason why thousands of people visit the neotropics each year. They are the inspiration behind countless costumes, logos, mottos and scientific experiments. They are a complete marvel of biomechanical engineering, they are Hummingbirds.

For the next couple blog posts, I will share with you some of the images I’ve made over the last couple of months of these tiny bodies full of energy and life. These birds are only diminutive in size – they are filled to the brim with character and personality.

White-necked Jacobins are popular throughout their rather extensive range – due to their aggressive nature and brilliant deep sky blue colour. That tiny patch of white on its nape is the reason behind its name. A bit much don’t you think?

white necked jacobin







No matter how many times I’ve photographed this species, I never tire of making yet another image. Hummingbirds are creatures of habit, and it doesn’t really take much effort to learn their patterns, sit, breathe, aim and fire. But the results are always stunning, the colours are always unreal.

white necked jacobin landing







Young birds do not have the colours as adults do; but their bodies work just the same. The Tufted Coquette is the smallest bird on the island of Trinidad, a tad smaller than the Rufous-shafted Woodstar. This young male pictured here doesn’t have the resplendent plumes that adorn adult males – but he is nevertheless a sight to behold. A bird that might be mistaken for a large bee if you’re not observant enough.

tufted coquette imm male










Even from a distance the outline of the hummingbird is distinctive. These are Copper-rumped Hummingbirds, for those who were wondering.

hummingbirds and moon







I mentioned personality earlier, and sometimes – not always – this can be seen in a still image. The softness and shyness of this female Ruby-topaz is rather evident from this photo I’d say.

ruby topaz f-2


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