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Good News, Everyone!

Futurama reference aside, I’m happy to announce that I’m finally taking orders for my 2018 calendar. 2017 has been a great year for me and I’ve had many memorable missions during our last revolution around the sun (sorry, flat earthers).

During this year I’ve shared most, if not all of my best images with you – and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you for giving this blog a glance now and then, a slight nod of approval, a share on social media – whatever it may be, I am deeply appreciative. All of the images on the 2018 calendar are from this year – fresh and never printed before. All of them have been featured in the blog except for one.

I photographed this Greater Ani in Carlsen Field, central Trinidad sometime during the middle of the year, on an unnaturally rainy and overcast day. Here’s a pro bro tip for if you’re ever driving along a birdy road and you see a Greater Ani fly across the road: Stop. They are social birds and often travel together. We stopped, and with a proverbial “lo and behold”, a this hulking fella flew in and landed literally right outside the window. Couldn’t get easier than this. What struck  me most was not the plumage, but this bird’s eye. I had always thought it was pure white – but now I know otherwise.











There was a pretty distracting branch that I asked my wife kindly to get rid of in Photoshop; which she did very gracefully – can you tell where it was? I’m completely at sea when it comes to Photoshop and advanced post-processing, but in this case it was such a strong image, it definitely needed to be polished. Unfortunately I can’t enter it in any nature photography competitions as a result, but it makes a lovely piece of wall art. Purchase a copy of my calendar and you’ll see this bird for all of November 2018 🙂

Here’s the cover page of the calendar, so you can see the other 11. Do shoot me an email at to order, or contact me via Facebook or Instagram. These are going to print next week so time is short!

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4 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!

  1. Orrr they can see the Orange-winged Parrot for all of January! #papagaiosnanatureza …but in this case #papagaiosnocalendario 😀

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