Nature photographer from Trinidad & Tobago


As a child, I would draw pictures not of families and houses, but of grand unspoilt landscapes, of birds flying in the sky, of nature in all her glory. Nothing interested me more than the wonders of what was outside. The television used to play second fiddle to the sounds of the outdoors.

Today, that love and passion is what drives me to leave a warm bed and venture into areas as untouched as possible, to see things I have never laid eyes upon. All of these sights I have always dreamed of letting others see what beauty lies in nature; I use my photographs to achieve this purpose by portraying the beauty seen through my eyes just as it was.

I do not pay my models with money. I pay them with the hope that someday, my photographs will help in the fight to ensure that their homes will stop being encroached upon and their kind will gain the recognition it deserves as the original denizens of our environment. Only then they will regain their rightful foothold.

Nature is the finest form of art.