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  1. Hey Furr,
    It was really a pleasure looking at these pictures. They were just beautiful and make one wonder about nature and it has so much to offer to the nature lovers to ponder on. God is the Creator to all creatures. Lovely! Lovely. ..

  2. Hi Faraaz,
    These photos are sensational! It was great to revisit some of the birds we saw on Trinidad through your pictures, and the image of the Collared Trogon made us determined to come back and see it in 2015!

  3. Michael Pascal says:

    It was a pleasure visiting and appreciating your dedication to nature and her beauty. Good luck with the site and may it bring all that you are hoping for.

  4. I can see that a lot of effort went into not only extracting the photos from the wild, but also presenting them to the world via your website. I wish you all success in this noble endeavor to make our world a better place for all to live in.

  5. Ok Ok so now I am thought less ,like the egg stealing Harrier, my thoughts have been stolen…
    Same vision here Bro. Tks for the link.

    Best wishes for the future.

  6. Just saw a post on Fb and started watching through your pics and then came here to see more. I must say you do have a gift for beautiful and enchanting pictures. You are portraying nature at it’s best. Keep it up, very proud of you.

  7. It is the first time I actually went through the pics on your website. It is amazing . Each picture has its own special beauty.
    I have passed this website onto a few of my colleagues.

  8. Carllis Greene says:

    Yes i….finally checked out d site meh brother……

    Nature truly has her purpose on this earth… have found yours….

    Nuff respect and God’s blessings king

  9. Only by chance did I come across one of your comments on Instagram and found this link. You’ve got some amazing shots here. What camera and lens do you use?

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